Thermo-DYE-namic™ Hair Color



  • Unique hair dye which changes hair color as temperature changes. Color changes when temperature is over 18°C (64°F) 
  • New, fun way to express yourself
  • Temporary hair dye, washes off with shampoo
  • Easy to use (see 3-step instructions below)
  • Fun for a night out, festival hair, sporting event, Halloween or someone who wants to try out new hair colors without the commitment
  • 4 Color Options: Purple-Magenta, Green-Yellow, Blue-Pink, Black-White
  • Works best on pre-lightened hair (bleached, highlighted, naturally dirty blonde hue) as well as natural light-colored hair. Natural darker hair will need to be bleached or highlighted for best results. Also works on blonde extension pieces.
  • Net weight (approx.): 50ml / 1.70oz


How to Use – 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Ensure that hair is dry. 
  2. Apply Thermo-DYE-namic™ Hair Color to hair using a sponge or fine-tooth comb to distribute the product evenly. 
  3. Dry hair (air-dry or blow-dry). Note: Do not wash or rinse hair. 



  1. Wear plastic gloves and a cloak to avoid staining.
  2. Apply face cream around the hairline to protect skin.
  3. Perform a patch test to avoid allergic reaction. To do this, choose a small area of skin and somewhere discreet like behind your ear or inner fold of your elbow. Place a thin coating of dye on area, allow to dry, leave on for 24 hours.
  4. Avoid using conditioner or oil before coloring.
  5. The temperature doesn't always have to be a direct blow dry or hot tool application. It can be as subtle as a gust of wind, being outside in the sun, or even just running fingers through hair!
  6. Use dry shampoo for a few days or apply to a clip-in extension for more longevity. 


Note: As it is impossible to replicate exact colour matches and textures accurately using web colours and images, the colours shown throughout the site are representative only and can vary from the actual product colours.

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