Octopus Brush

  • Whether you have loose type 2 waves or super curly type 4 hair, the Octopus Brush glides and flexes through those annoying knots to fully detangle your hair in minutes, you’ll never dread washing your hair again.
  • Works on all hair types including curly, kinky, straight, super thick, or synthetic hair
  • Less shedding - Flexible separated bristles evenly distribute pressure while brushing to minimize pulling resulting in less shedding and less pain
  • Works on both wet and dry hair
  • Size (approx.): 24.5 x 5.5 cm / 9.6 x 2.2 inch

How To Use - 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Section hair and begin detangling from the ends working your way up to the roots. Let the separated bristles glide through your curls and detangle.
  2. Hold the Octopus Brush in a vertical position and brush hair
  3. Then hold the Octopus Brush in a horizontal position and brush hair again.

Tips: Apply conditioner or wet hair before using (Recommended for type 4 hair) 



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